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Leviathan appeared in the middle of the desert. Activate the power of 4 shrines to destroy it. Try to stay in the shadows as prolonged exposure to the sun may kill you. Every step you take on the sand draws the monster. Your only way is to walk on stones or use an alternative walk that makes you invisible to Leviathan.

The game was made for an internal company game jam in 48h (and then tweaked afterward).

Alternative Walk

To trigger the alternative walk hold either LT or RT during movement. To keep the walk hold the highlighted foot button until the circle on the foot changes to green. Then release the button and quickly hold the opposite foot button.

Dangerous sunlight

Leviathan is not your only enemy. Staying in the sunlight causes overheating. Hide in the shadows and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.


Keyboard layout:
WSAD - Movement
Mouse - Camera
Q/E - Walk (left/right foot)
Esc - back to menu


Dune Leviathan.zip 96 MB

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